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A-line Elegant Chiffon Zipper Floor-length Dresses

A-line Elegant Chiffon Zipper Floor-length Dresses

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A-line Elegant Chiffon Zipper Floor-length Dresses
Product Description
back details Zipper
Fabric Chiffon
Hemline/Train Floor-length
Neckline One Shoulder
sleeve length Sleeveless
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Please choose your size
Many of our dresses can also be tailor made to order using the measurements you provide us. For tips on how to provide your accurate measurements, see How to Measure.

The below is only a guide. It is highly recommend that you get a qualified seamstress to measure your dress size as possible as you can. You'd better get someone else to measure for you because of the inaccuracy of self-measuring. Measuring method with undergarments is similar to those you will wear with your dress. According to the different dress style,approx.8cm-13cm (3.15inch-5.12inch) additional length will be reserved for making a good fit dress for you.please keep in mind do not measure over other clothing.

Color chart for all dresses at

Considering the difference of lighting and the display of monitor, the color you see from compute may be kind of different from that of the item you received. The actual color should be the color of item you received.

  • Satin , WhiteWhite
  • Satin , IvoryIvory
  • Satin , ChampagneChampagne
  • Satin , PinkPink
  • Satin , SilverSilver
  • Satin , BlackBlack
  • Satin , BlueBlue
  • Satin , BrownBrown
  • Satin , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Satin , ChocolateChocolate
  • Satin , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Satin , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Satin , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Satin , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Satin , GoldGold
  • Satin , GrapeGrape
  • Satin , GreenGreen
  • Satin , HunterHunter
  • Satin , LavenderLavender
  • Satin , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Satin , LilacLilac
  • Satin , OrangeOrange
  • Satin , Pearl PinkPearl Pink
  • Satin , PurplePurple
  • Satin , RedRed
  • Satin , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Satin , SageSage
  • Satin , Water MelonWater Melon
  • Satin , EmeraldEmerald
  • Satin , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
  • Satin , Light YellowLight Yellow
  • Chiffon , WhiteWhite
  • Chiffon , IvoryIvory
  • Chiffon , ChampagneChampagne
  • Chiffon , PinkPink
  • Chiffon , SilverSilver
  • Chiffon , BlackBlack
  • Chiffon , BlueBlue
  • Chiffon , BrownBrown
  • Chiffon , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Chiffon , ChocolateChocolate
  • Chiffon , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Chiffon , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Chiffon , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Chiffon , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Chiffon , GoldGold
  • Chiffon , GrapeGrape
  • Chiffon , GreenGreen
  • Chiffon , HunterHunter
  • Chiffon , LavenderLavender
  • Chiffon , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Chiffon , LilacLilac
  • Chiffon , OrangeOrange
  • Chiffon , Pearl PinkPearl Pink
  • Chiffon , PurplePurple
  • Chiffon , RedRed
  • Chiffon , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Chiffon , SageSage
  • Chiffon , Water MelonWater Melon
  • Chiffon , EmeraldEmerald
  • Chiffon , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
  • Chiffon , Light YellowLight Yellow
  • Taffeta , WhiteWhite
  • Taffeta , IvoryIvory
  • Taffeta , ChampagneChampagne
  • Taffeta , PinkPink
  • Taffeta , SilverSilver
  • Taffeta , BlackBlack
  • Taffeta , BlueBlue
  • Taffeta , BrownBrown
  • Taffeta , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Taffeta , ChocolateChocolate
  • Taffeta , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Taffeta , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Taffeta , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Taffeta , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Taffeta , GoldGold
  • Taffeta , GrapeGrape
  • Taffeta , GreenGreen
  • Taffeta , HunterHunter
  • Taffeta , LavenderLavender
  • Taffeta , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Taffeta , LilacLilac
  • Taffeta , OrangeOrange
  • Taffeta , Pearl PinkPearl Pink
  • Taffeta , PurplePurple
  • Taffeta , RedRed
  • Taffeta , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Taffeta , SageSage
  • Taffeta , Water MelonWater Melon
  • Taffeta , EmeraldEmerald
  • Taffeta , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
  • Taffeta , Light YellowLight Yellow
  • Organza , WhiteWhite
  • Organza , IvoryIvory
  • Organza , ChampagneChampagne
  • Organza , PinkPink
  • Organza , SilverSilver
  • Organza , BlackBlack
  • Organza , BlueBlue
  • Organza , BrownBrown
  • Organza , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Organza , ChocolateChocolate
  • Organza , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Organza , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Organza , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Organza , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Organza , GoldGold
  • Organza , GrapeGrape
  • Organza , GreenGreen
  • Organza , HunterHunter
  • Organza , LavenderLavender
  • Organza , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Organza , LilacLilac
  • Organza , OrangeOrange
  • Organza , Pearl PinkPearl Pink
  • Organza , PurplePurple
  • Organza , RedRed
  • Organza , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Organza , SageSage
  • Organza , Water MelonWater Melon
  • Organza , EmeraldEmerald
  • Organza , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
  • Organza , Light YellowLight Yellow
Elastic Woven Satin
  • Elastic Woven Satin , WhiteWhite
  • Elastic Woven Satin , IvoryIvory
  • Elastic Woven Satin , ChampagneChampagne
  • Elastic Woven Satin , PinkPink
  • Elastic Woven Satin , SilverSilver
  • Elastic Woven Satin , BlackBlack
  • Elastic Woven Satin , BlueBlue
  • Elastic Woven Satin , BrownBrown
  • Elastic Woven Satin , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Elastic Woven Satin , ChocolateChocolate
  • Elastic Woven Satin , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Elastic Woven Satin , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Elastic Woven Satin , GoldGold
  • Elastic Woven Satin , GrapeGrape
  • Elastic Woven Satin , GreenGreen
  • Elastic Woven Satin , HunterHunter
  • Elastic Woven Satin , LavenderLavender
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Elastic Woven Satin , LilacLilac
  • Elastic Woven Satin , OrangeOrange
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Pearl PinkPearl Pink
  • Elastic Woven Satin , PurplePurple
  • Elastic Woven Satin , RedRed
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Elastic Woven Satin , SageSage
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Water MelonWater Melon
  • Elastic Woven Satin , EmeraldEmerald
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
  • Elastic Woven Satin , Light YellowLight Yellow
Silk Like Satin
  • Silk Like Satin , WhiteWhite
  • Silk Like Satin , IvoryIvory
  • Silk Like Satin , ChampagneChampagne
  • Silk Like Satin , PinkPink
  • Silk Like Satin , SilverSilver
  • Silk Like Satin , BlackBlack
  • Silk Like Satin , BlueBlue
  • Silk Like Satin , BrownBrown
  • Silk Like Satin , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Silk Like Satin , ChocolateChocolate
  • Silk Like Satin , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Silk Like Satin , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Silk Like Satin , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Silk Like Satin , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Silk Like Satin , GoldGold
  • Silk Like Satin , GrapeGrape
  • Silk Like Satin , GreenGreen
  • Silk Like Satin , HunterHunter
  • Silk Like Satin , LavenderLavender
  • Silk Like Satin , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Silk Like Satin , LilacLilac
  • Silk Like Satin , OrangeOrange
  • Silk Like Satin , RedRed
  • Silk Like Satin , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Silk Like Satin , SageSage
  • Silk Like Satin , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
Matte Satin
  • Matte Satin , WhiteWhite
  • Matte Satin , IvoryIvory
  • Matte Satin , ChampagneChampagne
  • Matte Satin , PinkPink
  • Matte Satin , SilverSilver
  • Matte Satin , BlackBlack
  • Matte Satin , BlueBlue
  • Matte Satin , BrownBrown
  • Matte Satin , BurgundyBurgundy
  • Matte Satin , ChocolateChocolate
  • Matte Satin , DaffodilDaffodil
  • Matte Satin , Dark GreenDark Green
  • Matte Satin , Dark NavyDark Navy
  • Matte Satin , FuchsiaFuchsia
  • Matte Satin , GoldGold
  • Matte Satin , GrapeGrape
  • Matte Satin , GreenGreen
  • Matte Satin , HunterHunter
  • Matte Satin , LavenderLavender
  • Matte Satin , Light Sky BlueLight Sky Blue
  • Matte Satin , LilacLilac
  • Matte Satin , OrangeOrange
  • Matte Satin , RedRed
  • Matte Satin , Royal BlueRoyal Blue
  • Matte Satin , SageSage
  • Matte Satin , Light Slate GrayLight Slate Gray
Measurement Guide

This is not your bra size, when measuring you must wear a bra. Your arms should be relaxed, and down at your sides. Then, take the tape across the fullest part of your bust and around your back.


This is the natural waistline, which is also the smallest part of your waist. Typically it`s about an inch above your belly button.


Please measure the widest part of your hips, across the hipbone, which is approximately 7 inches below the natural waistline. This measurement is not needed for full gowns.

Hollow to Floor

This is the length from your hollow ( the hollow just under your neck ) to your heels. (Take the tape from your front, with bare foot ). You should stand upright and your feet should keep together.

Inside Sleeve

Start the tape in your armpit and measure your straight arm to the wrist.

Arm Width

Relax your arm and measure around the largest part of the upper arm.

Returning For Replacement or Refund

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Upon the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure that the dress has been made to your order specifications. Try on your dress as soon as possible without removing the tags, altering, or washing the dress.

If you are returning or exchanging dresses or accessories, please make sure they are in their original condition - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached.

For an ordinary size item-If there is a quality problem and you want to apply for a refund, please upload some persuasive pictures or video, once it is verified, you can send the item back to us (customer commits the shipping cost), and we will give you a full refund of the item.

For a custom made item-If there is a quality problem and you want to apply for a refund, please upload some persuasive pictures or video, once it is verified, you can send the item back to us (customer commits the shipping cost), and we will give you a full refund of the item.

Quality Guarantee
Trust is the world's leading wedding and formal dress supplier, with a great reputation for providing perfect dresses for any occasion. We have made tons of dresses for women and girls worldwide, and more and more customers are now choosing us as the place to shop for their big days and events!

Custom Tailored

All wedding and formal dresses are customizable, though we also offer a range of sizes from 2-26W. Wedding dresses can be tailored in ivory, white, champagne, and pink, while there are also several color options for formal dresses.

The Best Price's prices are a lot lower than retail prices due to our efficiency and lowered operational expenditure form having main operations in China. Our price vary from US$100-US$800 for some of the highest quality dresses found online.

Fine Quality hires only the best dressmakers and experienced designers in china, who use the finest production techniques to create your dress.

Excellent Customer Service

We have great customer service staff, available for help 24/7.

Happy Customers

We have made many of our customers'day, providing amazing dresses for their weddings and events.


What if my dress is not available?
If your dress is not in stock and for some reason we cannot order it , we will notify you and give you other options to choose from or you can cancel your order. You can provide other of your favorite dress style pictures, after confirmation, we will reply you asap.

What if I want a dress in a color that is not listed?
The colors that we list on the product detail page are the only colors in which that style dress is produced in. We also show all the pictures we have available so if the picture is not shown we cannot show you that dress in that color

Can I see the dress in other colors?
Unfortunately we are only allowed to send or post pictures provided to us by the manufacturers of the dresses we sell. Not all colors of the dresses are pictured by the manufacturers and therefore all the pictures you see are the only ones we have available. Only thing you can try to do is find another dress by that same company called the same color and it will be the same depending on the fabric.

Do you rent dresses?
Sorry we do not rent dresses.

Why is my order still processing?
Orders take 24-72 business hours to respond back with a ship date.

How do I upgrade my shipping?
Simply respond to your confirmation email with the method you would like to change it to.

Can I get a dress with extra length?
Please email or call us with style number and we can find further information for you. Some designers can make extra length.

Why can I no longer find the dress that I found before?
Once an item has no more available stock and the manufacturer is no longer making it, it is removed from our webpage as available and will no longer show up in searches.

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